Pays and draws…


This is football that will never die!

Liverpool - Tottenham the final CHL on June 1 in Madrid's "Wanda Metropolitan".

EuL semifinal phase ξη act BD

# Chelsea's favorite of the tournament to play with its off-field goal runs unbeaten 16 racing inside count 9 series wins as it finishes 3η 4η in the Premier League has already secured its participation in the groups of the upcoming Champions League… bubble Eidracht is moving in the opposite direction, recently conceded 6 goals at halftime from Leverkusen.

# Highly competitive in Mestalla Valencia is running (8-3-0) in the Europa League will look for the goal from the locker room needs a clear victory with at least 2 goals… light qualifying lead at Arsenal after the 3-1 in London in any case nothing is considered finished.


Chelsea - Eintracht Fr.
Valencia - Arsenal

TG 2-3
TG 2-3

1004.58Vistabet-100 qualifying.

Eden Hazard
Da Silva Willian

any time
any time

1004.50Goalbet-100 qualifying.