Winner spirit ...


Euro… 2 Qualifying Roundη club racing.

# Difficult to predict Switzerland - Denmark (given that the Scandinavians had their first race) can sit anywhere, both scoring in a decent tempo play targeting 1η position in the group will come out on the open court and whatever he wanted to emerge.

# Both had easy work at the premiere pinched the points are now starting difficult, given Italy's favored 2 targetη position in the group. Bosnia in front of its audience (7 / 10 under) has an alpha quality to look for in the locker room goals ... a team with a winning spirit National Greece inside out and running them 10 / 11 under traditionally has the upper hand in the match it remains to prove it in the grass.

# Lightweight Irish Rodeo match will probably be marginal and goal-scoring, though in the last 7 it has only celebrated 1 times (against Gibraltar) counts 5 series 0-1 goals scored Switzerland with what this implies.


Switzerland - Denmark
Bosnia - Greece
Ireland - Georgia

TG 2-3
during 2,5
no goal