football DNA…


He wasted money on Messi's missed penalty as a fatal player of the match and took responsibility for Argentina's failure in the premiere; the ghosts of the past have already begun to appear.

Let's go to today's couples:

# Costa Rica's big outsider in the group (4 / 6 under) is 5η time that participates in the World Cup while 4 years ago it had "passed" as the first leaving out Italy and England; tied Serbia (5/7 under) did not reach the final phase by chance, has a good tradition against teams from the Concacaf zone only wins wins. Tight on all sides is expected to be judged marginally and in the goal.

# On 10/10, Germany qualified for the World Cup in Russia, a fact that reflects the magnitude of the situation, in the defensive part there is a strong element of homogeneity as all the key players wear the jersey of Bayern M.… his team under Mexico (6/7 more recently) attends the event for 7η continuous year is able to make the surprise.

# Brazil's complete roster (17-3-1 since September of 16) undoubtedly features players with high football DNA located in Russia to lift the mug for 6η Once in its history ιστορία hard nut Switzerland will fight it to a point, indicatively counting only 1 defeat in the last 13 matches in all competitions.


Costa Rica - Serbia
Germany - Mexico
Brazil - Switzerland