Many goals ...


Hello my friends,

Many goals are to be expected in the Premier League vaccine, as the big teams are competing against teams that are within their meters.

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Arsenal are welcoming Cardiff and as it stands, the home side want to… break out of Manchester United after the defeat, and Cardiff seems to be the easy victim. Arsenal's win will naturally be easy, since Cardiff is low enough in the 18 position and in no way has the team to beat the game.

Manchester United's game with Burnley is not particularly resolved, as the home team is ... another team, after a change of coach and against 16 Burnley, they are expected to have an easy task and manage to get the win.

Manchester City, which shows that it has regained form and is going from victory to victory against 17 Newcastle, will easily pass and continue the relentless pressing of Liverpool for the top of the rating.

In the Wolves game with West Ham, the best and most consistent team is expected to win this season overall, namely the home side, as they look back after playing Leicester, while West Ham have easily beaten the previous season. Bournemouth and together with the headquarters factor, Wolves have the first reason for the win.

Everton may not go crazy with their performance this season, but they certainly have the first reason, against this year's worst team, Huddersfied and want the win to stay close to the top seven leading Europe to next season.

Fulham-Brighton are expected to close the game, as both teams are on the low… scoring slopes and, as it stands, they will… be afraid to play aggressively, with a draw in the first half to… be a one way and beyond, the most … The bold is expected to win or pay for it.


Arsenal - Cardiff
Manchester U. - Burnley
Newcastle - Manchester C.

1 & Over 2.5
1 & Over 2.5
2 & Over 2.5


Wolves - West Ham
Huddersfield - Everton
Fulham - Brighton

X / 1st half