Many goals in England ...


Hello my friends,

The pace of racing in England and Scotland has continued unabated, with the championships having literally ... caught fire, with the 25 the Premier League and the 24 the Premiership.

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Especially upstaged Tottenham and Newcastle, who clash at the Wembley football club, with the two teams ready to offer spectacle. We can expect to see a lot of goals as they come from two consecutive wins, with Tottenham having four over 2.5 in the last five games and Newcastle having three in five.

Chelsea welcome Hudersfield to Stamford Bridge, with the 'blue' ready to break out against the scoreboard after the home side have been defeated in two previous games by Arsenal and Bournemouth, which means they will have an easy win. , scoring with many goals.

Everton are welcoming the Wolves to a two-way game as they come from both wins and that means they will be very ... cheerful and play free and open football, and in the first game of the two teams, four goals were scored (2- 2).

Rangers welcomes St. Mirren in a game that requires no special analysis. The home team are a much better team and are in second place in the standings, in contrast to St. Mirren who is last. The home side will have an easy task as they have dominated home with 0-2, and now, together with its world, will want to offer spectacle, so 1 & over 3.5 is a one-way street.

Hamilton welcomes Dundee into a game, "Your death, my life", as they are too low in the standings and want to ... unblock to end up as high as possible for a play-out. This means a lot of mistakes, few phases, few (or no) goals, so under 2.5.

The same is true of the Hibbernian-Aberdeen, but for completely different reasons. Here are a few goals ahead of preseason because in the last five games of the two teams, four have ended under 2.5.


Tottenham - Newcastle
Everton - Wolves
Chelsea - Hudersfield

Over 2.5
Over 2.5
Over 2.5


Rangers - St. Mirren
Hamilton - Dundee
Hibbernian - Aberdeen

1 & Over 3.5
Under 2.5
Under 2.5