Many goals in Kazan ...


Now the real battle for the World Cup begins, as the latest 8's all have a dream come true.

In the first quarter, Uruguay is unlucky to face France without its big gun, Edinson Cavani, in which Stoian will probably play. The South Americans eliminated European champions a few days ago by simply blocking any attempt by Christiano, and the tricolors were simply cleverly playing the anarchist Argentine but today will not be the same: trying to shut down Emba who is just as lethal and will play against his teammates, will not face a rugged team near the line and with a race plan that does not even qualify for a 4 goal. The truth is that in the battle of the benches, El Maestro Tavares is far ahead of Dessan who does not understand what is happening on the field in time, but it will definitely be a big fight between two trophy holders. I would suggest the double.

The evening match in the Kazan Arena will be the decisive test for both teams, who have shown themselves to be very strong and rightly included in the trophy favorites. The Belgians have been undefeated in 23 official matches and have already scored 12 times in the competition, while the Brazilians show unprecedented defensive consistency although they have so far not received pressure from a truly dangerous offensive team such as the Belgian. The Red Devils appear very ambitious and absent-minded, while Celsao hopes to have Marcelo well, since the punished Casemiro is already missing. In any case the teams have such an aggressive quality that no one can stay at zero and I think this match will have enough goals.


Uruguay - France
Brazil - Belgium

G / G