Polish machine guns ...


Good Evening. Here are the forecasts for Friday:

In Poland, Piast always plays openly and has scored in all the 11 matches he has played to date, with 8 being a goal / goal. It faces pioneer Lechia Gdansk who is the last to come and go - her 6 most recent games have scored 26 goals. Overcome 2,5 goal.

Spartan Rotterdam, in full form and rising favorites, have an 6-2-0 record after losing the premiere and the league's best defense. Ronda lost hands down the previous race and will again have several major absences. It is not going to bring resistance to the port team, not even because of home base.

In the same category, Dordrecht is struggling to avoid relegation and will inevitably open up to pursue victory. For good luck today, it is Alkmaar's youngsters who are nothing special at home, but overall their rodeo is: 3,5 average goals and 8 / 9 goals / goals. Very likely ace but we will stay in the confidence of the 2,5 goal.

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Piast - Lechia Gdansk
Roda - Sparta Rotterdam
Dordrecht - Jong Alkmaar