Sassoolo is very strong


Have a good day friends in the midst of storms and floods. I wish you are all well. To see our Sunday options:

Sassuolo is doing a stunning run this year, unlike Milan, which is constantly losing points from failure and misfortune, making the Gatuzzo chair very precarious. Noroverdi have guarded their offensive midfielder with SPAL while waiting for today's match, while Rossoneri will be deprived of Higuain's services tonight, so I find it very difficult to get anything out of the match, at least to a degree.

Both Augsburg and Freiburg are lovers of aggressive football, usually leaving gaps behind. Their philosophy and the history of their matches make it easy to score goals / goals.

We have said this before about Zion in Switzerland: what comes and what goes. The record so far is 8 / 8 over 2,5 goals and is expected to continue at Lucerne headquarters.

Fiorentina lost the Inter this week unjustly. The Tuscan team looks reborn, has a very strong offensive line and no chestnuts. On the other hand, Atalanta is not on a good moon and she is still trying to recover, so I do not give her any luck today with Artemi Frankie.

Bad run with 5 no-win match series but many absences today for de Graafschap. Willem have a very easy goal, and I expect him to be unbeaten today in Düttingham.

Sogdal have had three consecutive defeats at home, three consecutive wins at Nest-Sutra, both of which are at the home of pioneers Olesund and the Vikings. The double on 7,00 is a sheer challenge and I would recommend it for a fun bet.


Sassuolo - Milan
Augsburg - Freiburg
Lucerne - Zion

G / G


Fiorentina - Atalanta
De Graafschap - Willem II



Sogndal - Sotra Nest