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Goals will be based on tonight's parade, the many goals promised by the Dutch and the Italians, as well as a possible mini-derby ace of the "mini madrilen" between Getafe and the Legends.

Sampdoria and AC Milan are having a good second round and have a great motivation for a three point match in the match. Milan have already beaten Sampdoria twice this year, not to be outdone, but by playing safer we will go with the doubles player in good performance.

Willem was a machine gun in the previous games, but he also had a lot of gaps in his defense. Something like carbon is the racing and attacking / defensive feature of the Fortuna Sithard. When you look for such a pair in terms of pace and goals you will not find it. Are we going to leave it unused now? Go Easy Over 3.5!

The local derby match is Getafe - Legends, but the home team is superior as a team and can be imposed by an opponent who does not perform well at home. Not that it will be easy, but we are playing for the better team of both and at odds near double.

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Sampdoria - Milan
Willem - Fortuna Sit.
Getafe - Leganes

G / G
Over 3,5