Bet on the first…

Ten European Championships, Greece except for obvious reasons, have already begun (others are ending) and the time for betting is right now!

In the Premier League, the chance of Liverpool returning to the championship throne for 3,50 + points is certainly the absolute choice, no matter how much risk they face against City. After all, the Citizens will throw the weight on the Champions League, which is their big goal.

In the Championship with Marcelo Bielsa on the bench, Leeds remains the big prospect in the league and may well be worth a return to the lounges, with 5,50 + returns being a chance, despite the risk.

In the cabin, Juve will find it difficult to counter, despite key players leaving. And if you do, only Conte's Inter can do it and 5,50ari is in luck! After all, with Lukaku in the front and Godin in the back, no one condemned her!

In La Liga, Barca remains 1,60's favorite, and rightly so, although not unbeaten, Real's administration is not joking with Zidane and the Queen with 2,40 remains good but risky. Where perhaps it is worth getting into risk knowledge, it is in Atletico's high-profile 15ari that lost to Griezmann, but was reinforced by new star Joao Felix and is unlikely to shock the big two!

In the Bundesliga, administrative changes and transcriptional stuttering may not have favored Bayern, but with its top transfer, Shane, except for months due to a rupture, club leaders and locker rooms - Ribery, Robben - and the rest of the team. Perissic alone, and perhaps a little more for this role, make Dortmund look astonishingly capable, as he is very strong in defense and has a strong homogeneity, a huge advantage. 4,50 francs cause!

In the 1 League, Paris are not beaten by the odds and know-how of the league, but in the second-place battle Lyon at 3,50 Plus has such a boost that it looks like the value of that bet.

In Finland, when the regular season is over, it has three big favorites, Kuopio, Inter and Ilves, who, despite being a champion all year, fell third in the duo. And followed by a shot from the fortified Helsinki. Helsinki's serious bet is played on the 5 / 5 playoffs and if he does it (unlikely) he will get a mug! and it pays off, not funny!

In Switzerland, Jung Bois, who may have lost key players but is selectively boosted and expected just as well as last year, is rightly favored, but Basel may not be as old as he was, but he is very strong and capable of regaining the lead, worth a bet on anything over 2,20.

In the Netherlands, Ajax showed good teeth in the morning and PSV is expected to be the team to try to cut the road to rip. He looks capable of threatening, but has lost his leading role to De Jong and is looking for the player to get his team back.

In Portugal Benfica at 2,00 + is worth every option, as it remains one click above any opponent despite losing Joao Felix's star. Porto changed a lot of faces and eventually weakened, wanting to work as a team again with the new faces, something that appeared in the matches with Krasnodar.

In Mexico, Monterrey has made all of its victories in the last five games since the numbing start and is constantly improving performance. It has no changes to the roster and bets a lot on homogeneity, something important in a league that rarely gets a chip in the champion. Montréal 7,00 + Odds Odds Now That It's Early And Not Yet High!