Porsche V Datsun… the match (FUND - 2,88)


CL qualifying phase ... second act.

Fenerbahce - Benfica with 5% * premium, even better odds and countless special bets!

Here are the main choices:

# Dynamo Kyiv - not played league championship - maintains good tradition against Czechs scoring 5 / 5 this year ... better Prague Slavs in first match unbeaten in the result equaled in the chase (1 x XUMUMN) assets in the Czech league.

# Porsche V Datsun match in Moscow you give us our money we play ... 15 times Spartak M.'s ballet as he drilled 2 times inside Tuba lost a penalty in the last minutes of the match today he will look for goals PAOK overturned in Toumba (turned from 0-2 to 3-2) hard to repeat, a full-on attack by Lucescu for two-pointers if he succeeds and withstands pressure without a goal. Football is: 90% ability 5% arbitration 5% luck. Possible scores 1-0, 2-1, 3-1.

# Slim Balances at Fenerbahce - Benfica Fluid 1-0 Lisbon game leaves no room for clear choices expected to move to low goal-scorer and set odds ... center game which does the least takes a hit.

AEK - Celtic with bet return * if Livia scores the first goal of the match.

# With his off-field goal in Glasgow AEK running undefeated 11 racing in Europe has a comparable qualification lead in the OAKA ... Celtic tight tactics with overall off-field issues expected to chase the goal.

# Classic underdog Spartak Trnava - managed to score inside Belgrade - has never been involved in a Champions League or Europa League history ... sheer challenge The Red Star 'double' gives X more energy goal.

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Spartak M. - PAOK
AEK Athens - Celtic
Spartak Tr. - Crvena zvezda

TG 2-3


Dynamo K. - Slavia Pr.
Fenerbahce - Benfica

during 2,5
during 2,5