Sells players ...

Before PAOK and Olympiacos, AEK and Atromitos, Aris, are qualified or excluded, they know who their next opponent will be. And, of course, what package awaits them, in any case. At the finale, everyone is playing for the money. And when we say all we mean all bosses of PAEs, especially foreigners. Why not.

There is no healthier function in professional football than that of a major shareholder. He is interested in the profitability of his company. On the contrary, the football businessman (?) Is dangerous and suspicious, who uses the popularity of the team as a lever of personal power and "intervention" in public life.

So, for what glory, and for what greatness are the so-called ball companies in the… battle of Europe? These are not there. Every win, every qualification gives a certain amount, the more in the Europa, the greater the Champions League. And every year the package is bigger, as UEFA organizer revenue is rising, mainly from TV rights, which are now being bought by Arab and Asian networks.

Greek PAEs have no ... need for francs. They are hungry only for international victories. Our teams have experienced owners who came into football out of love for the team. And to the media out of their love for informing the people.

Ajax has won Real, the European champion in the last three years, with the memorable 4-1 in Madrid, and what was the result? The question only makes sense if one knows what the purpose of the great Dutch club is. The financial gain is. First of all. Only this, perhaps. Yes to the sporting distinction, if it subsidizes the commercial interest of the football company.

With age-old Jewish logic Amsterdam's Ajax has been in business for years. How the shop will survive. How to make more money. How to spend less, how to be the biggest plus. And to achieve this we know very well in advance what the racing goals are. Depending on the dynamics of our customers.

At Ajax they know it's not Real and Bayern. And they will not become Barcelona and Liverpool, even if they win ten champions league in a row. Ajax is, with a limited crowd, playing in a league of low commercial potential. It would then be catastrophically economical to enter into competition with high-brokerage clubs. Make costly transcripts that will strengthen the team but hurt it financially.

Ajax, then, sells players. That is the point, not to buy like the Arab interests of Paris and City, who are not interested in profitability with petrodollars.

Ajax beat Real Madrid, Juventus, Tottenham but did not change their economic policy. To get past PAOK the… financial goal, to get as far back as possible in the champions league, to sell players again for more money than it cost them. What she's been doing for years.