Sells Chelsea?

"Abramovich sells Chelsea", "Abramovich stays in Chelsea and builds new stadium", "Abramovich leaves because of ... Putin", "When will the Russian return to London?". The headlines are daily in the British press, but no one knows what will happen to the Russian tycoon and Blue. "Roman didn't do anything wrong, but ... he pays for his excellent relationship with Putin. The Israeli passport will not save him, will allow him entry into the country, but not return to business, "Daily Exrpess said. The Russian who bought Chelsea less than Neymar spent on Paris managed to kick Blue and give him moments that no club friend could ever imagine.

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There are many Chelsea fans who have great appreciation and sympathy for Roman Abramovich. Who can blame them for that? Since 2003 and its arrival, millions have been invested in the team and Chelsea have won five Premier League titles, one Champions League and one Europa League.

Abramovich is not just an important administrative and financial figure for Chelsea. His arrival on the Island marked a change in the way and strategy of the teams. Of all the things that the Russians originally wanted to achieve to a point can be considered one of the most successful on the Island! The Times opinion says it all, Roman used the Blue to clear his name and throw it away!

United 2016 set a record in the history of English football. However, compared to Shell, its revenue was very small. Manchester was not even a revenue-earner in the top 70 companies in Finland. 2016 were 48 teams in Europe with annual revenues of over 100 millions and some close to 90. One Tesco store, only one, has more than 100 million in revenue per year.

UNITED is a sports organization with social, historical and even cultural implications. It is in the hearts and minds of millions of people, in millions of conversations, in radio broadcasts and disputes, in sports pages and more. The team can't get any of that money. When you talk about the group or comment on it in your own way and support it you don't have to pay, and of course it should.

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Teams can create value and get money from their tickets, TV, boutique products and jerseys and the like. All of this can bring good numbers for a small and medium-sized business according to the World ... colossuses that exist. So football cannot have the financial return of a business that makes money from everything it has and sells.

Abramovich was the first to find a way to make extra money from a football organization in relation to ordinary income. After all, he already had a very good relationship with Putin and the Russian government, which also brought him cooperation and money. In the way he operated his business, he did not waste much of his money on Chelsea. Through the group he channeled his investments in various fields.

A similar approach to management has been made by the Arabs in City, who led her to three Premier League titles, with investments from Abu Dhabi. And in Paris, something similar happened with Qatari investments with the team from Paris winning a five-time league with this ownership. These strategies are something other than football and do not constitute commercial decisions. It is the way football is used to defend the interests of entrepreneurs and to achieve other goals and agreements within teams.

The game is for the world. The joy and fun of a race. They have nothing to do with complicated agreements, such as the bizarre Zenith ownership regime or the ten-year relationship with Schalke following the intervention of Gerhard Schroeder, a former German Chancellor who entered Gazprom and linked to the pipeline linking Russia with Germany.

Same logic was applied to how the Red Star in 2010 was saved from bankruptcy. It was not a financial decision to buy a team, but an option to influence their fans and their mentality in Serbia.

But there is the following observation. Investors - owners from Abu Dhabi are very dear to the City of Manchester and have also expanded their interests and business in England. The same goes for the owners of Paris.
Putin saw his popularity rise from the World of Russia to 2018. Qatar will also be excited by the launch of 2022. Gazprom on the other hand as a brand name and company has been associated with football worldwide. It is a company that continues to serve the interests of the Russian state and does so through football. England, where Abramovich was physically active, paid dearly for being slow to understand and having the proper money laundering control mechanisms in place.

Whatever the Russian may have even when he sells it, he will make it very expensive and leave it very much loved by all Blue's friends, but also as an emblematic figure in football. Watergate's key informant had said "Follow the money". This remains good advice for owners like the Glazers, Crenke and Asley. With Abramovich, Sheikh Mansour and others this is far from the truth…