Nowhere in the Globe!

Greek football has a huge avant-garde stupidity that you don't find anywhere else in the globe! We're talking about levels of cerebral palsy that are unbearable and unattainable! Killing, woodcutting and bullshit, even when there is no racing action. Nowhere, deaf!

Last week when we played Greek football you will find out that he received another powerful double blow. Another stab in the back with a double-edged knife, and unfortunately today, instead of dealing with the real protagonists other than football players, we deal with some brainless fans who are still deflating the Greek ball with their actions.

Instead of people only dealing with renewals in PAOK, that is, who took the title and went on to build an empire, instead of dealing with the AEK and Panathinaic administrations experiencing harder days, instead of discussing his rather incomplete transcription at Olympiacos, everyone is involved in stabbing and stabbing in different areas of the capital!

They said, he said, 20 panathinaic showers and attempted to slaughter an Olympian hiding in a cafe. And they made it a rally, stabbed the opponent hooligan in the leg and left undisturbed. And for retaliation, the anchovy brains went and broke another shop that has a Panathenaic goose and so does the kingdom!

Awesome stuff! A few 24 hours before the election, which was supposed to be the city of lobster, there were never even shops that sold alcohol to keep the class afloat. And today it is an endless colony and slaughterers all over the country, for a penny, for a fanatical fanatic, because they have nothing to deal with in a declining queen of whitewashed society we offer them!

To the mind of the common man, sportsman or not, the actions of the organized and the cafeterias for slaughter and revenge revenge were the least we can say absurd. How can one justify hooligans attacking opponents out of season? Criminals! Only!

And why all this? We never learned, nor do I see it learning ... Really, did anything precede it? Has anything been said that has pushed the brains to do this kind of heinous acts and the game to be played out of the field?

No one will get into the process of analyzing whether or not the police are responsible. When they arrive they say everyone is late. Those who have scallops because they don't even have the care? Nowhere in the (civilized) world do clubs expect the Police to 'clean up' the criminals' clubs that stain their colors. They take protective measures themselves. and we do not reach such downstream, clear things.

Consequently, everyone has to clean his… house and then blame responsibilities right and left. As long as gangs of organized fans dominate, we will not see grace and the violence in the stadiums will never be eliminated. Not even outside the stadiums, where the battle of stupidity has now moved ...