Premier League…

This year's transfer window was strange for the English. Stunned by the national team's progress in the World Cup and the launch of the value of some of its players, they were forced to close all the planning before the start of the championship. This fact, in addition to reducing the bargaining power of buyers, as time pressure acts as an ally of those who want to sell without lowering requirements, gives new impetus to design. The plan for the next season must start working out before the current one is even finished and now this practice is gaining more importance. Liverpool, for example, who spent a lot of money, did not make a single move on the last day of the transfer window. He probably did, but he was in the opposite direction. The departure of Ings.

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Keita had been shut down while the Clippers were still fighting for the championship and the Champions League, and the additions to the rest of the squad were done early enough so that the Reds would not get into auction and panic situations. Manchester United, on the other hand, not only failed to strengthen in all the positions that Jose Mourinho had shown at the end of last season, but ended up in a dramatic stunt hunt. A panic-stricken hunt has brought lascivious denials and, ultimately, a conflicting climate, which alone is not ideal in view of the premiere.

Pochettino on the other hand talked about the effect of Brexit on the zero transfers of his team, but on the other hand we must not forget that the Spurs are building a new stadium and a new coach, while they already have a roster that is the backbone of the England national team. evolving to the measures of the Argentine coach. Most likely, as happened last year, if there was extra time at the end of the season to put a few more additions.

Transcriptional madness, however, seems to be getting more intense with the new deadline. The value of acquiring a Kepa is typical, as are some of the other cases. The money the United was willing to give Maguire seemed out of reach. In recent years, especially since Paris entered the game, the ball has really been lost, but the shrinking of the summer "window" acts as an accomplice to the madness.

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The whole situation, however, showed something very important. The element that makes the biggest difference in England, compared to other countries. The dynamics of the. Middle class. It makes sense when the TV contract that reaches 8.4 billion pounds for the three years 2016-19 brings double the revenue from the second, which is the Bundesliga. Television money and the ability of English teams in general to have revenue, allow West Ham to spend almost 35 million pounds for Felipe Anderson, from Lazio who lost the exit to the Champions League in a draw. It is not only the ability of West Ham to give what it takes to get the player it wants from a Championship team, but also the fact that the footballer is "baked". Not just from the money, but from the plan, from the world, from London. From the Premier League in general. Even if he knows that Europe will probably not play. There, they are a class by themselves.

In total, by the way, the "hammers" spent 76.5 million. Fulham broke the barrier of 100. It was left behind only Liverpool and Chelsea, stealing the show on the last day and making their own players who go full for basics, completely changing the level of its 11-man squad. Regardless of whether they will tie well or prove to be ideal to serve the coach's plan, her movements and especially the amounts leave the observer with her mouth open.

Wolves 'invisible' Jorge Mendes has spent 80 million in his first season in the Premier League and Brighton, in theory, has always stayed above 60. Everton have taken out 81 million from its funds and brought three players from Barcelona. No kids, or permanent spare parts. Two of the three were in the World. Even Bournemouth's 11.464 spectators in every match (so much for its stadium), have taken 44.3 out of its funds and is considered "come on baby, it didn't spend much".

The purchasing power of the "small and medium" not only puzzles the teams that will go to Europe and those that will fall, but it changes the whole dynamic. The spectacle, the obstacles to the "big ones", the attendance in the stands, the stories that spring up every year and drive the whole football world crazy. That's why the first one can literally lose the last one, that's why a Leicester can endure until the end.

It is the foundation of the product. And the product is the one that brings the tangle of television money. The Premier League cycle, which does not exist anywhere else…