Premier League and Playoffs


Hello my friends,

Premiere for the Play-Offs and Play-Outs of the Premiership, while in the Premier League, we are in the 35 race.

Manchester City host Tottenham in a repeat of the Champions League match. Of course, they are different games, since they are two different competitions. However, Manchester City I think it's time to laugh, in maybe the last difficult game until the end of the season.

Bournemouth welcomes Fulham. Bournemouth with a win still remain mathematically in the category and have little hope of a seventh place that would reasonably lead to the Europa League. On the other hand, Fulham has no goals, since he has already said goodbye to us, after he has been downgraded math.

The same goes for Huddersfield's play with Watford. Watford definitely want the win to stay close or even seventh, while Huddersfield have fallen mathematically and are likely to take the last position, six points away from the penultimate and also fallen Fulham.

Hearts welcomes Rangers. The Rangers will only miraculously stay out of Europe, but that is not their goal. He wants to win to stay as close to the top as he can, though Celtic appear to be winning the championship, while Hearts is virtually indifferent as he is eight points out of third and only miraculously will new season at European salons.

Hamilton welcomes Motherwell. Motherwell is completely indifferent to the ratings, as it will certainly be in the new season in the First National, with 22 points from the penultimate position. Hamilton on the other hand "burns" for the win, as he wants 11 points to be saved in five games, as long as St. Mirren succeeds 5 × 5 in Play-Out.

St. Johnstone welcomes Dundee. Dundee will find it very difficult to get to the bottom of the league after being seven points away from Hamilton, but will chase their way into the barrels, but I think St. Johnstone is a very senior team, playing well at home and I don't think he will have a problem getting the win.


Manchester C. - Tottenham
Bournemouth - Fulham
Huddersfield - Watford



Hearts - Rangers
Hamilton - Motherwell
St. Johnston - Dundee