Project Big Picture…

The truth is that from the outbreak of the coronavirus and the football lockdown, the clubs have suffered huge damages, proportional to their cubic capacity. In the case of PL clubs, the loss of television revenues due to the three-month interruption and the adjustment of the clauses caused a "landslide" in their finances. At the same time, the smaller clubs of the Championship and especially of the Football League are still losing their main source of income, the tickets. The government has extended until November the ban on crowded matches by even a percentage on the stands, which does not show direct light in the tunnel and which increases the pressure on the sponsors of each club. Thus, the PBP appeared with promising benefits for each side.

Its aspects Project Big Picture are indeed radical and cover a very wide range in the current operation of the Premier League. The following is a summary of the main suggestions:

  • Reduction of teams from 20 to 18, with the 16th in the ranking not automatically relegated, but participating in play-offs with the 3rd, 4th and 5th of the Championship
  • Abolish League Cup and Community Shield
  • Change in the turnout of the 20 clubs: Power in the hands of the 9 longest-serving teams in the Premier League (Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man United, Man City, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham). They will vote and decide on all matters concerning the other nine.
  • From 9, the majority of 6 teams are enough to pass a proposal. A measure-flag of the absolute control that the clubs of the Big-6 will acquire (Liverpool, United, City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham).
  • Offer of 276 million euros "ahead" in the English League (EFL) to deal with the pandemic crisis and 110 million euros in the FA for amateur football, women's football, etc.
  • Abolition of rescue payments (money given as a "parachute" to relegated teams). Instead, 25% of the Premier League's annual revenue will go to EFL teams, a big increase from the current 4%.
  • Later start of the season, extension of the pre-season
  • Dilution in the calendar, facility for the national team of England
  • Independence in women soccer
  • Ceiling at 20 pounds on the tickets of the hosted fans.