Euro 2020 φά qualifying phase (TAMEIO - 4,47)


* The Euro 20 teams will be determined by the qualifiers. The other 4 will come out of the UEFA Nations League that took place on 2018. Each category will be sent by a team to the Euro finals. The first 4 in each category will play after the Euro qualifiers.

* If one of the first 4 of each category has already qualified for the Euro through the Euro qualifiers, then the place in the playoffs will be taken by the team that is in the immediately best position of the same category… confusion the story qualifies the 1st and the 2nd of each group.

Let's go to the values:

# Nodal match for the Czech Republic marginally acceptable ace, has one less game chasing 2η position in the group wants to cover the defeat-broadcast in the premiere from England (5-0)… 4 consecutive draws in a row Bulgaria and in fact with the same score (1-1) comes from 5 consecutive under.

# Suspicious, Denmark did not succeed in the 2 previous games against this opponent, they brought an equal number of 0-0; Ireland, a team with a hammer, counts 7 minutes without conceding a goal, while in the last 392 games it has lost only to Ulaia. The prehistory is divided 7-4-8, the overall goal score is balanced (5-21).

# Unlucky in the draw, Latvia, being an underdog of the match, fell into a difficult group, unlikely to make the overtaking;η position with what this entails.

# In the ropes, Austria comes from 2 consecutive defeats with 5 passive goals, narrowed the margins, the final 2 matches that follow… is not a negligible amount, Slovenia has the background to bite the result.


Czech Republic - Bulgaria
Denmark - Ireland
Austria - Slovenia

during 2,5