Qualify why Switzerland deserves it ... (FUND - 2,20)

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Good afternoon my friends, after yesterday's 1 / 3 as Iceland and Australia didn't do us any good, we fell a bit but continue to make a profit.

For today

#1 Switzerland is a very good team and I had pointed this out from the game against Serbia. He stood worthy against "Celesao" and won over Serbia as a young man. Against her, the excluded Costa Rica, which stood for 90 minutes against Brazil but bent in the delays. Both teams are tough, but I think Switzerland will clear the qualification. Ace!

#2 It took a foul worthy of Tony Kroos' class to get its first win against the famous Sweden. Now it's time to go through the next phase with blood and sweat, where there is a high probability of falling on Brazil. Opposite South Korea, a team of lower quality than Germany that will look to end the tournament to win impressions. Germany knows that there is a scenario that puts it at the top, that of triple par. What does she want; Lots of goals! That's why I'll choose overhead 2,5 Germany.

#3 Qualifying time for "Celesao". The Brazilians, who felt cold sweat bathing them until the 90th minute against Costa Rica, found the solution to break the defense of Kaylor Navas. With two goals from the "magicians", Coutinho and Neymar, they got the victory and now they are holding the luck in their hands. Serbia is a strong team, tough and knows how to keep its notes. In choosing the only acceptable I will go to Goal after 28 minute.

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South Korea-Germany

Over 2,5 Germany



Goal after 28th minute


Switzerland-Costa Rica