Delaying the draw of SL…

The possibility of postponing the draw of the Super League championship is serious. The organizing authority is scheduled for Monday's 30 July board to hold the raffle for the new race season, but it is extremely uncertain if it will eventually take place. Necessary prerequisite for this is the signing of TV contracts by the seven PAs (Panathinaikos, Aris, Atromitos, Xanthi, Panetolikos, Apollon Smyrni, Lamia).

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Despite the interest shown by Channel E and despite the proposal by Deputy Minister of Sport George Vassiliadis, the proposal has not been made, and it has not yet appeared. So if no positive developments occur by next Monday, the draw is likely to be postponed.

This is reinforced by what was said at the EPO Executive Committee on Thursday (26 / 7), where Super League President Vangelis Batagiannis requested that the deadline for submitting the notice be extended from 7 August to 18 August. It is recalled that the approval of the call requires an increased majority of 12 votes among the 16 members of the cooperative, while seven PAs have not yet secured a television roof. However, the postponement is prompted by NOVA, which calls for the draw to be scheduled and the schedule set.

The "super advisor" of the EPO

His first appearance on the EPO Executive Committee was held by Czech President Petr Fusek, who has assumed the role of superintendent. The federation has released its resume, which shows that FIFA has in the past sent it to 19 federations to help improve its operation. That is, he is a special missions man who has his next stop in Greece.

The President of EPO Mr. Grammenos presented to the members of the Executive Committee the "independent expert" appointed by FIFA and UEFA Mr. Petr Fusek: "Mr. Fusek will help the federation with his experience and know-how to move into a new era."

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In his post, FIFA spokesman Mr. Vassalos said: "Mr. Grammenu's administration is carrying out a huge task. We are seeing progress. Mr Fusek came to contribute, there are opportunities in the federation. We are starting for the new season in full composition with the KED, the Monitoring Committee and the independent expert. This is a good opportunity for Greek football to advance and improve its international image. I think next year will be better. "

“It is a privilege for me to undertake this mission to support and contribute to the Hellenic Football Federation. I have visited Greece because of football, many times in previous years and I respect Greek football. Now, with my new tasks, I will do my best to meet the expectations and requirements of FIFA and UEFA, using all my know-how and experience at the management and management levels. Completing my first week in Athens and attending today's EPO Executive Committee meeting. I look forward to the next steps forward, "said Fusek, among others.