Irish Championship ...


Hello my friends,

The Irish Championship continues, where we are racing to the fourth race of the championship.

Waterford welcomes the Bohemians and although forecasts favor the home side, I believe that the guests can do the damage and get the win, as football plays a big role in football and the Bohemians have it, being the only one team in the league so far having 3 × 3, as opposed to homegrowns who have only three points in a win and three defeats in the first three games.

In the next game Cork City hosts Derry City and despite a bad start to the championship, the home side have the first reason, both at home and in psychology, after winning at Sligo's 1-2 headquarters, showing how slow- slowly they get ... forward.

The next game is not worthy of criticism, as St. Patrick's welcomes the newcomer to the UCD standings, is a much better team with seven points in three games and despite playing away, I don't think he'll have a problem.


Waterford - Bohemians
Cork City - Derry City
UCD - St. Patrick 's