Winter Champion ...


EuL group phase ... 6ηracing.

PAOK - BATE Borisovwith bet return *, enhanced performance * and live alerts.

# Unbeaten in the group, Villarreal (1 defeat in 6 official matches inside) favors qualification over qualifying tie with Rapid wants victory anyway ... Spartak M. hard to beat.

# Unsurprisingly in her assets, Akisar accidentally finds herself in the competition coming from a clear victory - psychology against Fener ... a one-sided motivation from the standpoint of L. will chase victory in the locker room under qualifying.

# Winter champion PAOK runs 5-0-1 in all competitions (favored in triple-double due to better goal difference) definitely wants a win and at the same time Chelsea to do their job in Hungary ... of the first round.

# On a good moon, Slavia P. plays with increased chances of qualifying (9 / 10 wins inside) will look for the three-pointer coupled with the scenario of not being a Copenhagen-Bordeaux winner ... Zenidipo's first in 32 is not it is particularly burnt.


Villarreal - Spartak M.
PAOK - BATE Borisov
Slavia Pr. - Zenith