Commercial Projects…

The two champions will play in the semifinals of the champions league, tonight and tomorrow Wednesday. In Western Europe, football is a commercial project, and then anything that undermines this capitalist mortar has gone on the run. To know what we are saying and what we are dealing with. And we do not confuse the seriousness and reliability of Greece's elegance. To have a championship fanatically slandered by the FC itself and on the other hand to say that our champion is the only one in Europe who is undefeated.

Soccer in Europe is spectacular and spectacular, and here we are yet to reach a final and fun. Let's see the racing action field and applaud the winning team. And not to lose the team that will lose the cup. This is the work. In mortar there are no losers and winners. Funds are made by all participants, to a large extent, according to the level of investment of each PAE.

Tonight we will enjoy high-demand football, even if the game does not get out of the way. This is the super success of this particular show, the champions league. The Liverpool-Barcelona match is a rematch of the 3-0 (photo) and is nonetheless hot. And the millions who watch it on television will surely relax for two hours, escaping the stress of everyday life. Tomorrow is against Ajax-Tottenham.

This has not been achieved in Greece. A football of broad popular entertainment. Because, as unbelievable as it sounds, the truth is that in Greece they have not… discovered football. Which is firmly in the hands of businessmen who, in the absence of governments, make their own personal game of "communication" entanglement.