Lead to Sicily ...


New look new situation ... they were briefly briefed from the editorial main column.

Carmaniola the Norwegian Cup is for the Levents ... a little against the favorites and whatever it wanted to be.

Let's get on with the rest of the program:

Hacker : Don't bet, invest!

# First game for the final round of the playoffs, the Sicilians' lead (1 defeat in 14 games inside) Palermo will seek a qualifying score in view of the difficult rematch that follows ... Frosinone's goal of avoiding defeat in the final.

# Relatively difficult Palmeira's work has lost ground, scoring runs 3 unbeaten match on the court playing with tradition over ... super flamenco image comes from 5 series of wins without conceding goals in the back.

# Low-cost Toronto buzzer holds great risk, receiving goals in 6 / 7 last as host, while 2 previously inside with Dallas and Seattle wrote a red ... Sky in the Eastern District table Washington scores a goal.

# Obviously better in points, New York being the favorite of the meeting remains to prove it and in practice ... Seattle has aggressive issues making it difficult to overcome.

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Palermo - Frosinone
Toronto FC - DC United
New York Red - Seattle

goal / goal