Lead Qatar ... (FUND - 6,46)


Good evening my friends,

Today's cup day, we also have matches for the Asian Nations Cup where we also have a choice from this particular event.

Luxury is the Cup for Apollo Smyrna, it is a scoring star, the championship priority. Superior at all levels, Atromitos will chase the cup. Value exists to the right, accompanied by decent performance.

A very good picture showed the friendly Qatar, youthful of Felix Sanchez's whole show of the work being done with the horizon of the 2022 World Cup where he organizes. Once the second forum in Lebanon, the previous one was 2000 where the host country was. Problem in scoring showed in friendly, did not score in the last five. Overwhelmingly in favor of Qatar is tradition, it has 7-1-0 on 8 between them. Opportunity for Qatar to start with the right in the event.

Getafe and Valladolid will both play with changes as they do not burn for the Cup. Getafe has greater quality and depth in the roster, it is much more comfortable in the scoring and the combination of playing at home makes it a fair favorite.

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Apollon Smirnis - Atromitos
Qatar - Lebanon
Getafe - Real Valladolid