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Atletico Madrid and Monaco come from bad negative results and have the chance to win.

In detail our current choices.

A very heavy defeat to 4-0 comes from Atletico Madrid from Dortmund for the Champions League. The extent of this defeat is unusual for the whole of Diego Simeone, who is looking for a reaction to today's match against Real Sociedad. This is not an easy rivalry, however, and the hosts have the quality to get the victory they want for both scoring and psychological reasons.

Monaco is also looking for a reaction, with Thierry Henry on the bench showing signs of recovery. The start of the Monegasians is a nightmare, however, and it is believed that the climate with the French on their bench will be corrected. Monaco will be chasing its first win in this year's championship and could not find a better chance to beat it against weak and troubled Dijon.

Our latest selection from our current proposals from Eboli-Juventus. The guests have a very good feeling after their win over 1-0 over Manchester United in the middle of the season and want the win to stay on top with a safe margin in the Italian league. Indeed, we expect them to do so emotionally, scoring many goals. Eboli for their part is capable of at least one goal in the match, so we will risk over 3.5 which has a good chance of being confirmed.

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Atletico Madrid - Real Sociedad
Monaco -Dijon
Empoli -Juventus

O 3.5