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Champions League Qualifying ... and something from Brazil.

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Let's go to the basic options:

# Unbeaten for 12 in Independent (11-1-0) Astana - first in the Kazakh Championship - had reached the Champions League playoffs where it was excluded from Celtic, continued their XUMX to X match without win Midland has volatility showing anxious in her game, will fight for the result.

# Certainly not a benchmark compared to last year's match from Swedish Esterund, but realistically speaking PAOK has never won a Champions League qualifying phase (5 draws 5 defeats), which raises it sharply. The main feature of the whole of Lucecos is the homogeneity as 4-2-3-1 is comprised of 100% players from last season. Strange climate in the locker rooms of Basel - Swiss champion 2008 / 2017 - after the defeat at St Gallen in the Premier League should not be underestimated, last year it deservedly survived a group match with Juventus and Juventus with three "doubles".

# In full performance Dinamo Zagreb's undoubtedly in Maximir has the first say, a double-double holder in Croatia last year has better quality material will attempt a qualifying score ... slightly degraded the Israeli championship with underdog X teams in the next round.

# Goya's Difficult Approach - Corytiba Both 24 teams seem to be in good shape (nasty in the last 5) there are prerequisites for goals on either side ... due to a form slipping a bit towards the head.

# Performance-based favorite Ponte Preta runs 7 championship wins 3 points away from first 4 team table playing in neutral ... undefeated at 3 more recently Juventus off the field not losing easily, will sell its expensive tomato.


FC Astana - Midtjylland
PAOK - FC Basel
Dinamo Z. - Hapoel BS

TG 2-3


Goias - Coritiba
Ponte Preta - Juventude

goal / goal
TG 2-3