Razvan the Great…

For two years Razvan the Great had died in our tale. We won, we won the championship, for me we are first, for me we play the Champions League, we were stolen, champions on the field, for me the sun comes out of the north and sets in the east after drinking a ton of sun in the south and so on , along with his cap and scarf that were discussed about as long as the epic was once discussed, the historic jackal of the great John Ioannides of Xanthus.

So, after we got out of our boat, Lucy, son of Mircea, decided that playing Europe with a shop that now raises the value of his shares in Greece has administrative health, cash in the fund and generally good prospects, is such a good idea. And the petroleum contract has proved more appealing than the prospect of making a coaching name and seeking a transfer to the… second shelf of Europe.

Mircea Lutsescu, his father - formerly a PAOK coach - has coached little or no 13 teams. Inter, Corvinul, Brescia, Regiana, Rapid, Steaua, Brescia, Pisa, Galata, Besiktas Shakhtar, Zenit, Romania, Turkey. Like a bee sting out of here, go from there, grab it from elsewhere. Stable not only him but also a name he made, he got franks. The son;

Lutschescu's son could not follow another tactic. As he learned. What he saw from his father was carbon fiber and he was lost on PAOK, Vision, Ivan and Tsulou. What intrigues him are the millions of petrodollars that fell to his feet. And he said yes immediately, without hesitation! And before Al Hilal, Mircea's son, caught up and burned in 7 teams. And in the 50 of the 8 forms Luchi has changed to overcome his old man's walk as the letter goes. Anyone in 15 years 9 groups, not make other 7-8 in the next 15-20? So is the record for the former Coats of Xanthi, Brasov, Romania, El Zais, Rapid Wook, Petrolul.

And if for all reason it was the franks, the contract, the sound of the golden rays of the princes of Al Hilal bathing Lucy in height, for Mircea, Razvan's flight is "perfectly normal" and "because Although the team will play in the Champions League qualifiers, there are no players to help them get into the clubs.

Now how it is a step forward to train players with celibacy on sand dunes, is another, great conversation ... Not to do it with me and you, but with Berg who went, pinched the notebook, but lost the good outside testimony and maybe his place in the national after years.

Brothers, Arabs and Chinas, are for the last stamps, raptors and such. For a football man who wants to pursue a career, it is a cemetery. End of story!

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