Risky …( PAYOUT - 4,22 )


Shortly afterwards, Dortmund lost to the Bavarians XNUMX-XNUMX with the poor and ruined our trio early on. I was spoiled by the handcuff that was not given a penalty against the Germans and turned off the TV, I didn't see it in the evening…

We will explain German again today, but this time with two bunches. We start with Berlin and my girlfriend Unison. The capital team is very honest in their first year in the salons, but the three consecutive defeats of their last games have brought them close to the danger zone. Six points separate them from the trinity of pain, so a positive result must come so that we do not have dramas.

The strength of the newcomers is their headquarters, where they have won six of their nine victories this year. Tonight, they host her Mainz, who was disgraced again by Leipzig (thirteen goals in two bunches of atheists…) and has been left in the top three of the last three.

In general, the two armadas are not at their best, but they have the opportunity to recover and get a degree in each other's bunch. In terms of points, the match is… triple as we said in the PRO-PO old, but I think we will see a goal on each side.

Another bunch that will bother us, this one Hoffenheim to Cologne. The hosts did not start well after the quarantine, grabbed a three-pointer at home from Hertha Berlin and then gave two points to Paderborn. And the goats have achieved the following incredible thing: first they lost a two-goal lead against Mainz and stayed at two or two and then they also lost with two pieces from Fortuna but they tied the gaps! In other words, he was looking around now.

In this match that you are talking about, we will take a risk, in the sense that we will support Hofe, even though he has to win from the first of February. The wheel will turn, after all, Cologne has not shown anything super samples after the interruption. If the ace was lower I wouldn't honor him, but now, in the two and a half and he does it to me…


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Union B. - Mainz
Hoffenheim - Cologne

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