Safe option…


Let's go on Monday:

# More effective at home, Sirius in the last 8 midfield runs an equal number of over can return to victories… 6 G / G series Falkenberg has reached the bottom of the table.

# Delicate balances Elfsborg - Haken will probably be judged marginally in the goal… first luck in the double.

# Safe choice Fener ace made corrective moves not reminiscent of last year's team… maiden promotion to the Super League was achieved Hatayspor made a victorious start will fight for the result.

# Milan's plans do not change, it is chasing an exit to the Champions League, it is "running" an undefeated 9-3-0 series from last year; a traditional client, Bologna is in a phase of renewal, it will be too late to find pressure in its game.

# A misunderstood underdog, the Wolves bring out quality on the field, they have good units, they have taken the air of City;

# Goals and spectacle Leon - Pumas both teams are in top condition give football claims… dry and well paid over 2,5.


Sirius - Falkenbergs
Fenerbahce - Hatayspor
Milan - Bologna

goal / goal


Elfsborg - Haecken
Wolves - Man City
Leon - Pumas

goal / goal
over 2,5
TG 2-3