Punching bag …

Moses Keen is a Juventus player. Not just "a black man kicking ass, baby". Juve player means recognition, money, glory. Everything. And not just in Italy, but around the world. Juventus is a brand, they are not cowards. Anyway, we were talking about Kin.

Keen has been the face of the day for his goals and racing performance many times, but last year's race was for another. Keen was the boxing bag, the reason for the emotionally charged songs from Cagliari's organized petal. Fans who either have the brains to consider themselves superior because of their skin color (how vomiting, how wrong they are!), Or find it ... funny to help the sick minds and ... lick the black Juve striker, simply because they are antics .

Until 85 'arrived. Keen stepped to the left of the area, turned around and hit the 2 beam first and scored 2-0. It took a small, minimal revenge from the ill-advised minds and theater lovers. he closed their mouths for a second and stood in front of them in a solemn posture, not of course to spare him ... The monkeys on the platform boiled over at Keane's eyes. They foam! And there it is time for the equinoxes to do his miracle!

One by one, Cagliari's players approached Keen to remove him from the horseshoe. No, he didn't do anything, he was just standing with his hands open in an apocalyptic posture, even if the stand was boiling over. And they came to pour the… water into the fire. Cagliari's goalkeeper, a backbone, made the arena tops stop and dismiss him, along with the Juve players who were also approached, with Bonucci first and foremost! The great Bonucci that until a few months ago, Kin was just dreaming of being teammates.

Bonucci didn't hug his teammate, didn't congratulate him on the goal, pulled him away, kicked him out of the scene ... of crime, he almost shouted at him for daring to shoot and cheer on the ruthless racists! after the match, in fact, Bonucci did not condemn the animals on the platform in statements, but Kin's reaction!

What Bonucci has done is what we have been saying for years. A ruthless, almost brainless equal to those on the stage is Bonucci if he thinks equal distances between a racist and a victim are the best tactic for people of his own popularity. Allegri's statements were similar. OK, he condemned the flock to the horseshoe, but "Keen will grow up, it's not right to celebrate in front of fascists, brother ...".

Of course, if Keane had been the star of Juve, the CR7 showing ears, arms, abdomen and any other body of his - member - to the opposing fans after a goal scored while firing him, Bonucci would have blocked it. his mouth. He would not dare to "admonish" Ronaldo or push him to leave the horseshoe. Allegri would not even release decks for "baby, baby will learn".

And this behavior is not new. Such euphemisms have been made again. Because racism and politically correct behavior for some people are not a la carte, but apply to whoever they are. The black man has no right to react. Let their wasp show them.

Well, those who believe that with Bonuchides and Allegrides our society will move forward, it's a fool and a half. Stadiums throughout history have become sites of resistance to tyranny and regimes of all kinds of oppression. Not breeding fascists and other protozoans…

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