Relationships of substance and not of relationship ...

Olympiacos, he says, has annexes. It was called by the Panathinaikos, the first teachers. For those who remember the annexation of other groups, not only OFI, it was called "Vardinogianism". To get straight to the point.

The logic and practice of "branches" in football is needed. Because it benefits both the big team and the small one. In the centuries to come, after all, the big team will always be big, that is, it will be followed by a boogie, and the small one, no matter what it does, will have a limited audience.

The Greeks, however, because they are poachers and justifiably or unjustifiably unable to deal with health in a "branch" relationship between two groups of different sizes. And when I say "the Greeks" I put on the bill of lethargy some PAE presidents, and journalists, and some fans.

Why is Bayern Munich dominating in Germany and consistently leading in Europe? Because it has annexes. Relationships of substance rather than intercourse with other groups. If necessary with almost equal teams in the Bundesliga. Why not help Dortmund, for example, as it has helped to keep its more viable opponent at a high stage and make the league more competitive?

Mummula are the ones who do not realize that PAE kills the championship that is indifferent to both its morale and its level of competition.

The point of borrowing a player is to take that game to another team and not to polish their ass with the PAE bench, which is their property. PAE lends and does not hire a player who does not need them, selectively in her and not in her other team, Because she wants the player to develop into a small team, not so much to help her. This does not mean that the president of the small borrowing group became a chap. It will sit out of the loan with FCE borrowing and weighing its opponents according to orders.

The case of the talented Egyptian Warda (photo). Case for absolute avoidance. The Atromitos jersey player fought against PAOK's opponents, not against PAOK. This means altering the league. A paid player by Atromitos served only PAOK. Yes, in lending, not to the players' graveyard, not to be used in their teams, but with a health code, not an unacceptable agreement between two PAs.