About us

Ladies and gentlemen

Welcome to  tipsmaker.net a purely football-betting game  website  created by people who have served football and are still serving it.

The panel are framed by people composed of long-term football ability (as footballers) but also betting experience. Our philosophy for betting and for football in general is cold - objective - without prejudices and fanaticism with valid information on a daily basis.

The goal of all contributors who work daily on the site is solely for profit. We are not drunk or sick with gambling just because we do we are professional betting players .Football is our life. Each of us who gambles makes his choices and is accountable to himself. We do not make suggestions to anyone. Our job is to provide you with documented sports events with analyzes - statistics - estimates. You are the ultimate recipient of all efforts YOU that gives us the strength to move on.

Panel composition:

Hacker = Leader and Coordinator of the site. Specialist in odds estimation and race analysis with years of experience in the field.

Dealer Mathematics teacher (statistical model processing) with special weight in single acceptable and under - over.

Ballander Excellent connoisseur of English championships with studies on the "subject".

Master = Talent with a complete view and image on the object and with extensive analyzes around the betting events.

Bomber = The most suitable minesweeper and pyrotechnician with 6-enabled feel and full reflectors for special missions.

Leader = Home page editor and editor.

Free Kick = from the most experienced pennies of world football journalism with commentary and analysis on hot topics