The Asian Football Cup trophy is pictured during a press conference to recognise Qatar as the host for the Asian Football Cup 2011 in Jakarta, 29 July 2007. Qatar earlier hosted the Asian Football Cup in 1988 which was won by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and Iraq will meet later in the day in the final of the Asian Football Cup 2007. AFP PHOTO/Ahmad ZAMRONI (Photo credit should read AHMAD ZAMRONI/AFP/Getty Images)

Scout Gentlemen …

If you sit down and do a survey, a thorough check on what “socks” have taken in the last two years, Greek football teams, big or small, you will be surprised. We are talking about a regular ball cemetery or otherwise an honorable and memorable Super League.
 “Elephant cemetery”

And a double reading cemetery. Whether real players come and football “die” in our homeland, or “elephant cemetery,” with footballers who have eaten not just their breads but also the last crumbs they had to come here for an official, a wage earner, a last rapper and paprika “little wine, a little sea and a bouzouki”.

Do not get to say names, you see a ball, you read a newspaper, you watch the internet, you know what we’re talking about. and you have thought it a hundred times, you just see it and write it in words and you think: “Let go of the bag and I wrote it, I will imprint it on the words.”

Crops in each group

Anyway, elsewhere the conversation was going. Not for the Greek championship, but for the poverty that exists in programming, to serious footballers. In programming and missions to find really good or even promising players, at an early age, in a barren unfamiliar football area to get the best at the cheapest possible price. And early, before each player puts a price on the football exchange.

I saw the Asian Cup finalized last Friday. And my eyes came out of bunches in each group. And not only the favorite teams, but also Vietnamese, North Korean, Azeri, Arabs and Uzbeks. No, I did not see the new Messi or Arab Ronaldo. However, Rubin Kazan’s winger, Qatar’s Ali, who scored a record in the history of the institution, was bought for peanuts by the Russians and now costs 9-10 million (and his stock rises). And not only a lot of dark and half-hard-faced players who can get them today with 1-2 million or 500,000 to make them a raffle and resell them 2-3 times over.

This is how the rosters are built

What no; In Greece they looked and they rightly got a transcript from Panionios with golden contracts, Ansarifard and Masud. Where were the two Kabbalahs in the Asian Cup? Former Olympic champion and current AEK out of mission. Imagine if you did not see it, what were the rest of the players!

Shoot, gentlemen, scout! This is how the rosters are built. And the funds. Not with tickets and lasts. That’s what we’re supposed to say. Profits and superheads come from locating and reselling players for 4-5 times the francs that cost you. There you invest if you want to cash in, not your assistant to whistle you an offside goal to stay accused and get pocket money from TV. That’s all…

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