In competitive orgasm… (FUND - 5.29)


The column achieved two new funds with 6/7 points and overall return (20.71)… stay tuned to the top betting portal ever Global.

In the center Belgium, Switzerland Czech Republic, Russia as well as the small France & Germany bets leave us coldly indifferent… let the teams cut a few kilometers to find pressure and we see.

Let's go to normal flow:

# 4 consecutive victories with 12 goals assets, the recent report of Landskrona undoubtedly reflects the position of the match; behind the ball, Sundval will go closed for the result (5 consecutive under).

# In a competitive orgasm, Palmeiras, being the most productive attack in the category (24 goals active) comes from 8 consecutive victories, scores like in training; the recent home defeat by Gremio broke the positive series of Fluminense (3-1-0).

# Undefeated since mid-May, Nautico rightly holds the first place in the table, a matter of time, the rise… elevator in the category, Bruce hardly threatens outside (1-0-4).

# So far, Nashville is standing well in the category (12 games 19b.) At home it wins the last 4/5… in the red Chicago in 3 outings counts the same number of defeats without being able to score.

# Last in the Western District Dallas ignores the victory in the 4 most recent has just scored 3b. … Outsider due to tradition in Los Angeles but with good goal frequencies (6/7 over).

Date Events Pick Stake Odds Profit

Landskrona - Sundsvall
Palmeiras - Fluminense
Nautical - Brusque


100 5.29 -100%

Nashville - Cincinnati
Dallas - LA Galaxy

goal / goal
over 2.5

100 3.34 -100%