In 2,30 Plus odds ...


Nimes, Nancy, Nior and Amian the off the record options for those interested in throwing them into the French Cup… let's go into the main stake for Secunda Divison:

Sportingbet: Huesca - Real Betis with premium 5% *

# Significantly improved after the change of coach, Gijon runs unbeaten in this year's championship while before the break he was counting 5 match without a defeat ... narrowed the margins for Zaragoza is in + 2 from the zone playing in goal and staying.

# A matter of time the relegation for Huesca (1 win at 16 match) lacks the qualifications and momentum to stay in the class… at 2,30 odds plus Betis double counts 1 defeat at 12 last in all X games and exit to the Europa League.


Gijon - Zaragoza
Huesca - Real Betis

goal / goal