On a double board ...


Let's go to Sunday's basic choices:

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# Odense has no friendly ties with 3 in its first match of the season with 6 repeatedly breached ... on a double-double, Copenhagen runs 4 championship victories and Europa League goals as a score.

# Although lost at the premiere, Wolfsberger has managed to score 3 times and even out of the box ... six consecutive games for Austrian championships follows game with Rapid B.

# Strong in front of her audience, Tromso turns out to be a character (6-1-1 Ter 19-6) has not been defeated in 10 clashes ... Haugesund is difficult to overcome plus the travel fatigue is absent. from 5 series over 2,5 each before stopping.

# Headquarters, motivation, and momentum all point to Tromsdallen's victory, the pitches ... traditional underdog Nottingham has no point in this stadium.

# Marginally Accepted Genk Ace Values ​​Comes From 3 Consecutive Win Scores (5 Series Over 3,5) Mid Week Qualified At 3ο a qualifying round of the Europa League ... behind the ball Sid Truiden has a hard time reacting.

# From 2 white draws come CSKA in Super Cup and championship against Lokomotiv and Kryelia respectively which increases the chances of winning… Rostov team is not out.

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OB - Koebenhavn
Tromsdalen - Notodden
Genk - St.Truiden



Wolfsberger - Austria W.
Tromsoe - Haugesund
CSKA - Rostov

TG 2-3