Monaco in shape ...


Good evening my friends,

Today's program offers good choices, we trust the favorites. Monaco is in shape, Sporting Lisbon passes from Boavista headquarters.

Finally winning for Zlín, he won at Ostrava's home base with 2-1 after six consecutive defeats, a goal or a six. At the bottom of the standings is Prague's Dukla, not saying he has a head lift, he has 0-2-5 in the last seven. Weak at home, it has 1-2-8.

Monaco is in form, has 3-2-0, is in + 6 from the relegation zone. Bordeaux is in poor condition, having 1-1-5 in the last seven in the league. Weak at home, it has 2-3-8. She will go down in today's game, with Paulo Souza on the bench from the next match.

Boavista is fighting for her stay, is in + 3 from the relegation zone, has 3-1-1 in the last five in the league. Sporting Lisbon is chasing 3, 1-2-2 in its last five away games in the league. In favor of delivering them, 10-1-0 has officially defeated 2008.


Zlin - Dukla Praha
Monaco - Bordeaux
Boavista - Sporting CP