At full tempo Sogndal… (CASH - 5,05)


Let's get into Sunday's traffic:

Vistabet: Everything is played here!

# Viking alpha sorting team - for Norway's data - before the break counted 3 wins in a row (10-2) does not want to lose contact with the top 2 in the table; vulnerable away Gerb has as main goal to stay in the category ( 1 victory in 5 matches).

# At full tempo, Sogndal is undefeated for 7 games (6 wins, 1 draw), has a seat and a roster to make a difference; it is difficult for Ham Kam to get a result, he has been winning since June 3.

# Extremely low prices in the ace of Palmeira comes from 3 close draws traditionally difficult… 1 defeat in the last 5 Atletico Mineiro away from home scores to a satisfactory degree.


Viking - Jerv
Sogndal - Hama kam
Palmeiras - Atletico MG

goal / goal