Satisfactory performance ... (FUND - 7,90)


Let's go to Saturday's pick:

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# Benevento's ace is well worth it at its best (7 match unbeaten) comes from 2 stacked wins chasing the first 2 team ... no offensive Chitantela at 7 exits just scoring X times.

# Today's match for Panathinaikos remains unbeaten at 5 / 6 Recently the championship is judged to have entered 4ada… against tradition and prognosis Astera T. has issue in suspense just short of 4 .

# Conversely analogous to the picture of the teams there is a comparative divergence, Stuttgart (5 / 6 defeats) is consistently within the zone struggling to stand in the class ... traditional Leipzig favorite renders maximum on the field 4 officially goes out without watching .

# A common feature of the teams is the offensive behavior, Zulte and Sid Truiden playing without risk scoring 2 + goals inside-out respectively in 8 / 12 last. Dry and well paid over 2,5.

# At + 5 by Lockeren Beveren finds it difficult to avoid the outs of the highs ... superior quality on all lines Ghent will easily find it difficult to escape with a "double".

# Headquarters, motivation and tradition point to Cadiz's win, feeling the touch of the 9 unbeaten match winning 2 series of psychology wins ... Can't get away from Canary Tenerife scoring with the dropper he has never forgotten for the last time.


Benevento - Cittadella
Panathinaikos - Asteras Tr.
Cadiz - Tenerife



Stuttgart - Leipzig
Zulte-Waregem - St.Truiden
Beveren - Gent

goal / goal