Helsingborg on a good moon…


14/6 the start of the World Cup we count down…

Let's go to Tuesday's key choices:

Hacker:Don't bet, invest!

# In a good month, Helsingborg (4 wins, 2 draws, 8-3) seems to have been unstoppable lately, it is at -4 from the top, it has 2 games less; demotion.

#Super numbers of Coritiba is running 4/4 on its field with 1 goal passive counts only 1 defeat in the last seven league games; it has scoring issues CRB builds tradition in this field.

# Masseyo (5 wins in last 6 wins) being 2ηin the standings he has scored in all the games; Guarani finds it difficult to threaten.

# In the point Sao Paulo and Internacional show in good condition (from 1 defeat in the last 5) they put energy into the field, they will look for the result and whatever they wanted to happen; the goals in the foreground.

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Gefle - Helsingborg
Coritiba - CRB
CS Alagoano - Guarani