Sligo R. better off…


Here are some of Saturday's top picks:

# Bringing the table to Bray is a generous effort he has just celebrated 1 once in the most recent 9 difficult to save the game… clearly Sligo R. comes from 2 series wins except 5-XNUM overall.

# Jurgenarden - Norkenging pair will probably score marginally well in both goals, both running off a demarage of winning results (from 5 wins each to the last 6) before scoring in the first inning and then scoring an impressive X.

# Headquarters, form and tradition argue for Molde's victory remains to prove it and in practice, he won 2 with Bran and Stubbaek (6-0) playing with winning psychology ... 0-1-6 Valerie's account to make this stadium. the buzz moves at market prices and is an option.


Bray - Sligo R.
Djurgaarden - Norrkoeping
Molde - Vaalerenga

goal / goal