On a championship course ...


In the monta period the teams' feet are heavy, the players have to cover the appropriate kilometers in order to get a first estimate ... the players need their time to perform.

Here are some of Saturday's top picks:

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# In a championship run, Brage is 1b. from 3η The table's position, though before the break, counted 4 consecutive wins, scoring at a decent tempo ... tragic the Varnamo roster runs a negative header (8 series defeats) hard to stand up to.

# Lightweight lead at Xvendude (2 series wins) counts just 1 defeat at 6 last in all finish at under 2,5 ... first in the table Fortaleza ignores victory at 4 most recently not convinced. Narrow of all bands will probably be judged marginally and goals.

# It's worth it the Corytiba boss pays 2 plus, undefeated on the court counts (6-2-0) has the best defense in the class with a 4 passive goal not lost in the 12 in the last inning against this tough opponent makes the excess.

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IK Brage - IFK Vaernamo
Juventude - Fortaleza
Coritiba - Ponte Preta

Under 2,5