In the first place the result…


Four matches for the quarterfinals of the World Cup, the first two in the starting lineup; let's go in detail to today's scenario:

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# Dirty set The Tambarese team relies mainly on its suspension (thrown out of Portugal with 2 Cavani goal kick off the bench) counts 7 consecutive wins from which 6 kept its focus intact. The Bucs favor France (it has a positive score against 4-5-0 South Americans) as it has thrown the canvas into overturning Argentina but has never beaten Uruguay at the Mundial level. Griezmann, Giroux and Maybap will have a difficult task today. High Risk Gaming We are talking about different sizes with a distinct soccer culture capable of reaching the semifinals of the event. At first hand the result may be an extension and a penalty shoot-out.

# Cynical in its game Brazil got a clear victory-qualifier against Mexico runs 24 official matches unbeaten has conceded just 1 goal in the tournament, safe the classic 4-4-2 reduces the risk gives the initiative to move to the Celesao-outsider of the meeting Belgium achieved an epic overthrow against the Japanese reaches for 2η Serie A time in the quarter-finals of the World Cup having the absolute best so far. Normally suspected, Lukaku is expected to find his way to the net.


Uruguay - France
Brazil - Belgium

goal / goal


Romelu Lukaku

any time scorer