In a terrible situation Ronaldo…


Good morning my friends,

Cristiano Ronaldo is in a terrible situation, he scored a hat-trick in the match against Spain and was the face of the match. Morocco, though better than Iran, lost to 90UM in goal. Both will play for victory, I think very likely the Portuguese win a match in which the least 3 goals will be scored.

Uruguay, though scoring a goal at 89 ′ could finish the game faster with Egypt leading the race throughout the event. Russia.The roster is lacking in quality, an easy task for Uruguay in today's match.

Iran in today's match is expected to defend en masse, the score of the match depends on the "Rocha", they may need to shoot enough, so scoring Andres Iniesta gathers several chances.

The Vikings have four consecutive defeats, there is grumbling about the team's course. Two victories have been made by Floro and he has dropped out of the last place. The guests can avoid defeat with an elevated psychology.


Portugal - Morocco
Uruguay - Saudi Arabia

1 & O 2.5
1 & O 2.5


Iran - Spain

Scorer Andres Iniesta


Viking - Floroe