Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus FC) and Paulo Dybala (Juventus FC) with the Scudetto trophy during the Italian Serie A victory ceremony following a recent Juventus vs Atalanta football match on May 19, 2019 at the Allianz Stadium in Turin. Juventus won their 35th Serie A title, the eighth in succession. (Photo by Massimiliano Ferraro / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Serie A… second batch

Since the 2011-12 season, Italy has been watching the same monotonous thing: Juve constantly opening the scissors, breaking records and devouring titles. In Turin, they want the routine to continue, but throughout the rest of the country they have been preparing to trap her and throw her off the throne.


This season has started in the worst way for the Rosoblu, as the man who saved them last year, and in fact with an impressive course, Sinisa Mikhailovic, is battling leukemia. The news of the Serbian coach's illness caused shock in Bologna and emotion throughout Italy, with him making it clear that he would do his job normally, either from the bench sometimes or from home. Realizing that the season will be more difficult than last year, the management decided to spend more money than one would expect, with the Rosoblu making 100% their own young winger Orsolini, who stood out last year. , while at the same time Soriano-Sansone were acquired with a regular transfer. The loss of midfielder Pulgar, on the other hand, is significant but not so much that the team will collapse, which in theory will be saved without much stress. Not to impress again though.


Coach Roberto De Jerbi remained, Domenico Berardi remained, Senchi who left was replaced by Obiang, Caputo who was acquired will help the goal and if Sassuolo manages to fill the gap and Demiral's own defense will be, last year. What does this mean; That he will enter every match to play football and not steal, so two things should be considered: He will do damage to adults, but he will concede many goals in some matches with these greats. Either way, life at MAPEI Stadium will continue quietly.


Not many years have passed since Freulani was presented by the press and the world in general as an example. With this title now owned by Atalanta, Udinese has the one of the team he must fight to ensure his stay. He did it last year and he did it, with Igor Tudor - paradoxically perhaps - giving this much more than he needed off the bench, and should do so this year with optimism missing. Udinese didn't change much during the summer and that's not good, but at least it kept De Paul. If he misses the last days of the transfer season, the season at Dacia Arena will be very difficult.


It was one of the pleasant surprises last year, as she played open football, beautiful in many cases and finally secured her stay. Something like… scudetto for coach Leonardo Semblici, who took Spall to Serie C and promoted her to Serie A, keeping her there. This is what he is called to do again this year, having lost Latsari and having acquired Murjia and Di Francesco. In theory, from Spall we should expect the same as last year: Open football, passion and a strong home. If that proves to be enough, it will work.


People love the club's new owner and management again, Vicenza Modella has returned to a team he loves, Kevin Prince Boateng has returned to Italy because he loves Melissa Sata and Frank Ribery has signed because his wife loves him. In general, as one understands, love is the dominant emotion in Artemio Franchi this summer, with the new boss, Rocco Comiso, finally making his dream come true and making his way into the Calcio he loves. If the Italian businessman really loves football (he had previously tried to get a small percentage of Juventus' shares and then the majority of Milan's shares), then Fiorentina - even if it has ups and downs this year - will see nice things in the coming years. If he loves the promotion that football will give him in order to become better known in his country as the expatriate who succeeded in the USA, in Florence they should also be prepared for strange things. Anyway, at the moment, Lirola looks good for right back, Bandelli and Pulgar will help in the center, Boateng looks decent for the attack and Ribery is the icing on the cake. Which could be delicious, after all, if Kieza stayed in Florence in the right mood and not alienated because he didn't leave for the north.


One has to go back many years, probably to the 90's, to remember the last summer when there was such excitement in Sardinia in anticipation of the new season. Enthusiasm was evident in Nainggolan's reluctant welcome back to his first Italian "home", in comments provoked by the acquisition of Uruguayan Nahitan Nandes by Boca Juniors, in smiles caused by the stay of Rolando Marando. Cagliari, who want to have their new modern stadium soon, currently - in theory - have a very strong duo in midfield and Roger from Napoli as a replacement for Barrela. They are not wrong, therefore, in Sardinia, which believes that this year the stay has been secured before the start of the championship.


With the same coach since 2016, Roberto D'Aversa, Parmenci is a team that knows what it wants on the pitch and how to get it. The acquisition of Inglese strengthens it aggressively and the fact that he did not lose any players means that the roster can only be better, so Ennio Tardini hopes that this will be seen on the pitch. Karamo (from Inter) and Hernani (from Zenit) will provide solutions, but the most important thing for Parma is probably Zervinio and how he will present himself. If it is like last year, Parma will be saved quickly. Like the races of the Ivorian when he finds space, that is, whoever is opposite him.


He was saved at the last minute last year and that is why during the summer, Enrico Preciozi decided to make changes. Both on the bench, where Aurelio Andreatsoli "redeemed" the good football that Empoli played despite its relegation in the end, as well as on the roster, after a series of transfers. With the president struggling financially in recent years, Genoa can't drop Milito or Thiago-style bombs, as they once did, but Pinamondi from Inter or Sene from Ajax have been well-received by the fans. The point is not to upset the team during the season, because when they go wrong in Marassi, we see strange scenes…


It certainly won't be like it was in the '90s, when Carlo Mazzone on the bench and Dario Hubner on the attack drove Mario Rigamonti crazy. Even more certainly, there is no one on her roster… Roberto Baggio or Andrea Pirlo, as in the early 00's. Nevertheless, Brescia's return to Serie A brings back fond memories of the past and in Lombardy they hope to see the happy side of Mario Balotelli. SuperMario has returned to Italy to wear the jersey of his hometown team and says he is ready to fight for his return to Squadra Azzurri. If he succeeds, he will have written a beautiful story and will have given, for the next few years, even more pleasant memories when you hear the name "Brescia".


In September 2017, Fabio Liverani took over the technical leadership of Lecce and managed to bring it back to Serie A after two consecutive promotions. The team from Puglia strengthened with Lapandula for the attack, sees the most bets in Italy (according to the companies) to be in favor of its stay, but whether it succeeds or not will be largely judged by how it will be, scoring or psychologically, after the first 10 games. Because in them he is called to face Inter, Torino, Napoli, Roma, Atalanta, Milan, Juventus, Sampdoria. Not the best for bentornato…


It has secured its rise through the barrage of matches and with Ivan Juric on the bench will seek to be hard-won. A fan of 3-5-2, the Croatian coach always prioritizes defense and is not going to change now, making sure that only so does the 1985 champion have hope of staying. With management's transcriptional moves not something special, Greece will fight, but the forecasts are not on their side.