Antonio Conte of Inter Milan during the Trofeo Naranja match at Estadio Mestalla on August 10, 2019 in Valencia, Spain. (Photo by Jose Breton / Pics Action / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Serie A… first batch

This year's Italian Championship is more exciting than the previous 8 year, with many questions to be answered in the next nine months.


The exclusion from Ajax in the "8" of the Champions League proved fatal for Massimiliano Allegri, who was relieved of his duties after 5 years full of success inside Italy. Juventus decided that. They were fed up with Max's football and that they now want to see something different, more pleasing to the eye, but just as effective, by assigning this mission to Mauricio Sari. The former Chelsea coach is a fan of attacking football, as he proved in Napoli, but there is a big difference: As a coach who needs to train every day in order for his players to fully assimilate what he wants, in the Partenopei he had this opportunity with the team. closed for more than a month in Dimaro for preparation. At Juventus, however, with the constant tours and pneumonia after returning to Turin, this possibility did not exist. The Bianconeri have been boosted by a move to De Licht, Rambio, Ramsey or the young Turkish stopper Demiral, who is becoming a fan favorite as the new Montero, but will need time to become a Sari team. This year, as Pavel Nedved said, the coach will have him from the administration. Possibly from the fans. From Ancelotti or Conte, however, probably not…


Three times during the summer, the Partenopei posted on social media photos of Aurelio De Laurentiis, Carlo Ancelotti and his associates playing cards, writing: "Grande serenita". This great calm comes from the fact that Napoli is the team that has changed less than any other of those claiming or wanting to claim the title. Same coach, same torso, same competitive philosophy, plus Irving Losano - the most expensive transfer of the De Laurentiis era - and Costas Manolas next to Calindou Koulibali. A better transcript of these, however, may prove to be στη mentality. Unlike what happened in previous years, in the Italian south they did not hide this summer and made it clear that the target is the scudetto. Ancelotti himself, after all, admitted that "yes, in relation to our opponents, maybe we have a lead because we have not changed as much as they do." And because the Neapolitans have this advantage, they are also the ones who have the most demanding start in the league, having to travel to the first two games in Florence and Turin (Juventus). Obviously nothing will be judged in the 2nd match, but with two possible victories, Napoli will put good air in its sails.


Every new season in recent years is considered a test that Bergamaski must pass. And they get through it. Gian Piero Gasperini's team has proven that it was not a bubble and this year it has to go through a big competition: To be equally competitive in Serie A having to cope in the Champions League. Atalanta, faithful to its logic, sold Gianluca Mancini to Roma since the proposal was good, moving from there and beyond with logic in its transfers. Luis Muriel is expected to help Zapata-Gomes-Ilicic significantly, Skrtel will give experience and Atleti Azzurri d'Italia will be the well-known kiln that makes it difficult for everyone. It is a pity that we will not see it in the Champions League, where La Dea will use Meazza, but we will see Pasalic again in the center area, after his loan from Chelsea was renewed. As they believe in Bergamo, the confidence of the whole of Italy towards Gasperini's team, who surpassed himself in Atalanta and what he had magically done in Genoa, will be renewed.


"One of the reasons I wanted to play for Inter is Antonio Conte. He is one of the best coaches in the world, he has won the championship twice, receiving teams in 7th place ", said Romelu Lukaku a while ago and it is certain that Conte can - after Torino and London - do it from his first year and in Milan. It is also certain that it will do everything to make its players believe it, once the neutrals (press, analysts, etc.) have begun to believe it. After a summer in which it recorded the most expensive transfer campaign in its history, Inter enters the new season with a good trio in defense after acquiring Godin, with new faces in the center after the transfers of Barela and Sensei, with strength in attack because of Loukakos, with great enthusiasm in the ranks of the world and with the opponents already τους marking them. "We know how Conte works, we know how Marotta thinks, we know that Inter has strengthened enough to enter the league with the goal of winning it," said Pavel Nedved, for example. And it was a slip. Like what Conte expects his team to get for its mentality, saying enthusiastically after the end of the friendly matches that "my players do not want to lose even in training".


The failure of last season, when the ticket for the Champions League was lost, was a given that would bring changes to the Rossoneri. Leonardo left to be replaced by Ivan Gazidis, Gennaro Gattuso left his post to Marco Giampaolo, Patrick Coutrone was sold for financial reasons and Paolo Maldini and Zvonimir Boban decided to force them again. Not on the pitch, unfortunately for Diavolo fans, but in the offices, where I made the plans for the new Milan. The young Milan, since all the moves made for the reinforcement… look to the future. Theo Hernandez, Rade Krunic, Rafael Leao, Ismail Benasser and Duarte, waiting for someone else possibly, are not names that will drive the Rossoneri fan crazy with joy who has seen gamblers and gamblers in his team, but they are names that in the present to find light and hope for a better future. Giampaolo's football philosophy is that of possession football, football with attack as a priority and having received the blessing of Arigo Sacchi, he enters the most difficult, demanding or stressful season of his career. If it floats, the Rossoneri side of town may be smiling at the end of the season. If it drowns, the "ship" will realize that it will have more difficulties in the near future.


The way last season ended, with the Jalorosi staying out of the Champions League they were used to, foreshadowed changes during the summer. And they were. Gianluca Petraki, as the new technical director, was called to put things in order and to gather the uncollected things that Monci left behind… Financial reasons forced Magica to sell Costas Manolas and Stefan El Sarawi, while the moves that were made for the aid were financially prudent. Roma change at the ends of the defense, with Spinacola and Giapacosta on the roster now, put new blood in the defense with Mancini and Cetin, added Diavara and Vereto in the center, while at the end they will now have Pau Lopeth from Betis. What it will not have - and for this particular group it is not only insignificant - is one of its symbols. Daniele De Rossi will no longer be on the pitch and Francesco Totti will no longer be in charge, with President James Palota hoping the optimistic scenario will prevail (a more serious, organized, credible Roma) rather than the pessimistic one (a Roma infinite), in order to avoid new demonstrations against him. In order for the president of Jalorossi to have a good season, Paulo Fonseca will have to prove that he is a coach who can catch up in Italy and pass the attacking style of football he wants to the team. With Dzeko always as a beacon in the attack.


"Let's improve the team? Let's do it, but how? Messi, as far as I know, is not for sale, and Juventus would be jealous of our defense as well, "President Urbano Cairo had said a few weeks ago, demonstrating his faith in the Granata ranks. Exiting Europe was a major milestone for Walter Matsari, whose stay certainly helps ensure that the team continues - and hopes for consistency -. Turin avoided things during the summer, with transfers or departures not substantially altering last year's dynamics, but what has changed is the fact that there are requirements. Exit to Europe, therefore, will also be a goal this year for a team that believes it still has things to do. Especially if Belotti and Jaja start scoring earlier than they did last year, without neglecting to always help their teammates. Turin, after all, is essentially this: A team that is hard to lose but just as hard to beat. When he makes it a little easier, he goes out to Europe.


Conquering Coppa Italia last year was Claudio Lotito's justification for his support of Simone Inzagki and the reward of his allenatore for his work over the past three years. Logic, of course, says the Italian coach would expect to be rewarded with - certainly stronger than at least last year - transcription support, but Lotito and Igli Tare decided to move carefully. Or preservatives, for the Latzali typhus. Biancoselesti returned Bandeli to Fiorentina, earning a profit a year after they had been released by Viola as a free agent, but have kept (unless something happens in the last days of August) Milinkovic-Savic, hoping they would be better off. stable compared to last year. If that is the case, Lazio should be counted among the teams that will claim a place in the 4ada until the final weeks of the championship. But as in previous seasons, however, the lack of depth in the roster will seem logical at some point, and Inzaghi will have to settle for something less (exit to the Europa League and possibly something good in the cup again).


A few days before the end of the transfer window and with the league starting, the Blueserciati are in the process of changing ownership, with Gianluca Viali (and the businessmen who support him) being in the final stretch of talks with Massimo Ferrero. This will indeed be a major change for Sampdoria, in an otherwise calm summer. The Genoese theoretically made a good move by acquiring Mourinho for defense, but lost Prae and Andersen. Above all, however, they lost their coach, as Marco Giampaolo decided that he had nothing else to give to Blueserciati, leaving for Milan. He was replaced by Eusebio Di Francesco, who, more or less, has the same minds as his predecessor. This may be something like a ασφαλείας safety cushion for Sampdoria, but for another year it will need several goals from Quagliarella to be as good or dangerous as last year. Fabio, we all know, will put 2-3 goals in the season that will cause noise, but he is not eternal. Especially if he has no help…