Marked balladors…


Interest-priced prices in France and Argentina make their debut in the tournament, they are one of the big favorites for the cup, easily or difficultly expected to be imposed against Australia and Iceland respectively; it's worth betting on Live.

# Unjustifiably costed underdog Peru runs 15 matches undefeated in official and friendly after 36 years is again in the final phase of the World Cup… 2 defeats in 17 most recently the report for the Danes will look for the positive result requested the 2η position in the group.

# Open in any case Frosinone - Palermo today's result sends one of the two to Serie A ΄ the hosts only want a victory while the Sicilians are comfortable with a draw. in any case, our 2-3 goals completely cover us.

# Marked Baladans Croatians Qualified Through Barracks Give Present for 5η Once in their history in the final phase of the World Cup, a superior team in quality and experience if found in its day makes priests;

# Home, form, timing all in favor of Fortaleza (6-0-0 ter.13-2) remains to prove it in practice; from 2 consecutive defeats with the same score comes Brazil De Pelotas without being able to score.


Frosinone - Palermo
Croatia - Nigeria
Fortaleza - Brazil de Pelotas

TG 2-3
over 2,5


France - Australia
Argentina - Iceland
Peru - Denmark