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Champions League Qualifying Round ... Act Two.

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# In full racing action, Malmee runs a winning streak of four races, gets beat in Romania (0-1) seals 3 ticketο qualifying round ... bad the climate at the Cluj locker room vulnerable outside loses much of its momentum.

# Champions League team Basel from 2002 and then in pre-qualifying phase home defeat only from Cluj (13-1-1) psychological dot Alexander Frey's presence as a leading player is expected to play a decisive role in the match the bookies give PAOK an underdog due to inexperience in the event, in any case the goal they received in Tuba might deprive him of the qualification.

# Storm Graz on the ropes after defeat in the Netherlands (2-0) is required to play a full attack, competing in front of his audience, having the background to score a minimum once in the match ... Ajax has made quality in the first match in European competition groups.


Malmoe FF - CFR Cluj
Basel - PAOK
Sturm Graz - Ajax

goal / goal