Marked project…

Until Socrates Kokkalis decided to "be active" in the dark (?) Area of ​​the refereeing, George Vardinogiannis had no problem with crows. He was the leader in the championship. Because he was from Vardinogiannis, he was also from Panathinaikos, both sizes heavy, which are hardly ignored by the foxes in the square. No referee, referee father made the mistake of going against the Vardinoyannis monarchy. A regime that kept football in the same dirty water. Those who were waiting for the league to change its page, with the conversion of the teams into public limited companies, were refuted. It is obvious that the major shareholder of Panathinaikos did not want an independent referee. Independent on paper and in essence.

At the time when Kokkalis took over Olympiakos, in the 90's, he was the No. 1 in the country's business development, well ahead of the Vardinogiannis. And he, in the end, wanted a referee to be a yusufaki of the strong of the square. Another opportunity was lost (?) For a creditor of the economy to function as patriarch in the field. With his personal dynamics combined with the weight of Olympiacos.

Championship today after the break, due to the two games of the national team. Championship again, with var or without, the suspicion does not stop at the limits of… the certainty that the work is always marked. Suspicious are all the strong and complaining everyone, and not only, the strong of the league. A life the same. With Paraga, without Paraga, as before Paraga, so today, after Paraga, the arbitration is manipulated. Even with foreign referees.

The PAEs themselves tell us the carols of every game. The PAEs themselves blame other PAEs as talking fanboys.

History, in order not to play the dolls, has proven in practice that NO president is pulling the finger out of honey. Anyone who has managed to enjoy a bed that is called arbitration in a way or another, probably does not share it.

The State. It does not matter, in substance. He does not deal with anything other than dealing with the relevant deputy minister. The plate. Right, center, left-wing ministers self-ridicule themselves with the same leventic rhetoric. The plate.

What is salvation? A. No more. And this is the mortar. The league is making money, not just the mug full of mud. The championship will be healthy and trustworthy when the teams of the big teams decide to act as entrepreneurs. Because that's not going to happen. Because the government, every government is indifferent, but also incompetent. Because the big shareholders are not interested in football, but only to get this championship, the situation will be one of the same.

It will only change if the heavyweight championships of Olympiakos, PAO, AEK, PAOK live from the commercial dynamics of football and not from the pockets of their great presidents.